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The Basics

Visitor's Insurance is for folks that are visiting Canada and can also be purchased by those without any provincial healthcare coverage.

Visitor's tavel medical insurance plans provide emergency medical expense coverage when it arises.

Having a insurance plans allows you to be stress-free and spend quality time with friends and family.

Most insurance plans also covers your trip across Canada and the United States.

What is Visitor's Medical Insurance?

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Applicant's Information (as per passport)

Other Family Members

Applicant Detail

Insurance Details

Excludes coverage for any pre-existing Conditions.
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See Policy Wordings for full information of what's included and what's excluded

Amount of money the insured person will pay out of their pocket for medical emergency expenses after once their claim is accepted as per the insurance policy. It is the amount that the individual must cover before the insurance company will cover any eligible expenses.
Maximum coverage amount for emergency medical expenses.
Coverage for Pre-Existing Medical Condition is Required

Payment Information

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Payment Amount: CAD $2543.00
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Should I buy the insurance through MyVisitor.ca or buy it directly from the insurance provider?

There are no cost savings in buying it directly. You pay the same premium whether you buy through us or directly. However, when you buy through us, we help and support you with your claims, and you can be rest assured that a dedicated professional is able to help you navigate the policy, explain you the details, and also provide aftercare support.